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15 Oct 2015

WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

Imagine yourself stranded in the Sahara desert with no civilization in sight. Your throat is parched, your feet have blisters, you are sweating, you are tired and then suddenly you see a source of water. You get a renewed energy and run towards it. The moment you reach there, you realize that it was a mirage. If the desert scene is replaced with an actual B2B organization, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that most marketers feel the same with lead generation. Lead generation is the holy grail of marketing. It is the biggest challenge in B2B marketing. It is the single most important objective for a B2B business.

So what is lead and how it is generated? Lead generation comprises identifying prospects who in some or other way have indicated interest in your organization’s product or services. It is about motivating prospects and increasing their likelihood of purchase. You may be the best of the best of the best in your industry but without leads, you don’t have clients, you don’t have revenue, you don’t have a business and you don’t have raison d’être. A lead is where your business begins.

Getting lead in a spinning maelstrom of evolving business landscape is a task easier said than done. Although every B2B business knows that they need leads and more of it, leads are difficult to come by. The traditional marketing medium are out and online leads are matted with jargons like inbound, outbound, impressions, visits, conversion, bounce rate, exit rate and many B2B struggle to know how and from where to begin their lead generation strategy. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the complexity of lead generation, know that your website is where it all starts. Your website is the hub of all online lead generation activities. Read on to know some of the best lead generation plugins for your WordPress website and how you can employ them to create leads.

OptinMonster :
Touted by the founders as one of the most powerful customer acquisition and lead generation platform, OptinMonster helps you convert your visitors into subscribers and customers. OptinMonster allows you to create various types of forms like floating bars, slide-ins, lightbox popups, etc., in minutes and without any coding experience. OptinMonster utilizes an exit intent technology to detect user behaviour and to prompt them with a targeted campaign when the visitors are about to leave to reduce bounce rate. With OptinMonster, you can also segment your customer base as it provides page-level targeting allowing you to display exclusive offers based on visitor’s location and interaction on your website. Easy A/B testing eliminates guesswork and makes use of data-driven decisions. With OptinMonster, you can also turn any link or image into a 2-step opt-in process which eliminates the needs a squeeze page altogether. With a built-in analytics, the performance of the website can easily be analysed with detailed information on clicks, views, and overall conversion rate for each page. OptinMonster provides full screen Welcome Gate prompting visitors to sign-up. With lots more features such as animated effects, location specific in-line forms, data-driven sidebar and mobile specific pop-ups.

WordPress Leads :
WordPress’s first fully extendable CRM plugin, WordPress Leads is a free plugin from WordPress to help you collect, store and manage lead information on your website. Built with inbound marketing practices in mind, WordPress Leads lets you track visitor activities and lets you know which geographical location your leads are coming from and what pages they have viewed on your website. You can learn your visitors’ topical interests and lets you manage your leads and send the lead data into the CRM of your choosing. You can track and check the pages your leads have visited before converting on your site to gain valuable lead intelligence. You can also easily search, view, and modify lead (contact) information with bulk lead management tool.

Icegram :
Icegram is a free all-in-one WordPress plugin which can help you increase sales, signups, conversion & engagement through optin forms, newsletter subscription, call to action, visitor engagement and lots more. Made for marketing, Icegram is believed to deliver stellar results with popups, header and footer bars, notifications, messengers and more. It includes four different message types, lots of themes, with complete design control, has a ton of targeting rules and more. Even though the core plugins packs a lot of things, you still have a lot of options with add-ons from split testing, geo targeting, behaviour targeting, exit intent and overlays covering almost all grounds of lead capturing. Icegram is also very easy to understand and simple to use even for non-techs.

Leadin :
LeadIn is a free WordPress CRM and lead tracking plugin through which you can get to know your website visitors filling out forms on your site. With LeadIn you can also find out who’s on your website and specifically what they are doing. You can know what pages they have visited and what social networks they may be on. LeadIn analytics also lets you know what content and traffic sources are driving the visits to your website. LeadIn also automatically finds publicly available info regarding your contacts and details such as location, work history, and company info. You can also make use of an optional popup form prompting visitors to subscribe. The pop-up uses contact data to intelligently know when to appear to reduce intrusion. With just a few clicks, you can download, upload and activate the plugin or you could just add its codes to your website.

Remember that even though lead generation is your goal, your website shouldn’t get slow and should have proper connectivity for it is the performance of your website which will bring users. Web hosting may seems like a non-critical element, it is in fact one of the major components of a successful website.


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