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Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

A government built to purpose data center facility that was acquired and renovated by Netrouting in 2012. This 11.000 sq. ft. Data Center is located in Spijkenisse (Rotterdam area). Netrouting SPK1 is directly connected to our global network and offers access to our full services portfolio. Our Spijkenisse location was opened back in 2012. Since then, Netrouting customers have migrated from various regional facilities in the Amsterdam area to our new flagship facility in Spijkenisse.


lock1 Secured Access

An automated access system allows customers to enter and leave the building according to the privileges set on their private access card. To prevent abuse or theft issues the card is blank and disabled when not activated. Customers may request a unique code to activate their card when visiting the data center.

lock2 CCTV Camera Security

A motion sensitive CCTV Security System monitors the outside area, building, doors and hallways. Our Building Management System (BMS) triggers alerts to building security personnel and police upon sight of any unauthorized access attempts to the building- and or data center.

lock3 IP-Cam Control

On-site visual data center security is provided by IP Camera’s located in both our cold and hot aisles. Motion detection and our early detection system allows us to proactively monitor and ensure the safety of your equipment.

lock4 VESDA Fire Control

A Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) has been installed in every room. These easily triggered smoke detectors are connected to the Building Management System (BMS). Smoke development or fires can be detected in a very early stage, triggering our Argon based fire suppression system and prevent a possible fire from doing any damage to your equipment.

lock5 Air Conditioning

Our data center rooms are designed as high performance computing environments. Remote controller Air Conditioning units are set to a cold air distribution temperature of 21℃ +- 2℃. These temperatures are monitored by our Building Management System and adjusted regularly to both optimize performance and efficiency.

lock6 NO-BREAK Power

Netrouting Data Center customers are equipped with 2 power feeds on every rack. These power feeds are secured by our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Cluster and emergency generator to guarantee 100% uptime.

Miami FL, United States


Our North-American headquarters is operating out of Downtown Miami. A 24.000 sq. ft. SSAE 16 & PCI DSS compliant Carrier-Neutral Data Center located right off the 395 exit Biscayne Boulevard. Netrouting MIA1 is directly connected to our global network and offers access to full services portfolio. Netrouting first initiated service at this facility in April 2010.


Stockholm, Sweden

Located in the heart of a mountain, lies our Netrouting STO1 facility in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. An underground Data Center, originally built during the cold war as a power plant, has been fully renovated and built to purpose for commercial Data Center use. Netrouting STO1 is directly connected to our global network and offers access to our full services portfolio.


The Hague, The Netherlands


The newest addition in Netrouting data centers is our facility located in the royal city of The Hague, The Netherlands.

Netrouting THG1 is a modern data center facility that opened in Q4 of 2014. The Hague offers an N+1 redundant power & cooling infrastructure and ring powered Internet connectivity with our flagship facility in Spijkenisse, as well as various other data centers in The Netherlands. The Hague is our new colocation ready facility that also offers access to Twin Data Center features.